So you enjoy rolling joints and feeling pretty good about it, right? Or, perhaps you are thinking of making the move from packing bowls to rolling joints, but some sticky questions remain: What is the right paper for you? Is there even a difference between them? Could some be better than others? BDDbrands carries a variety of papers and there are no wrong or short answers, so let’s dive in!

Some backstory:

Despite what you may have been told, rolling papers haven't been around all that long, first appearing on the scene in Alcoy, Spain, circa 1764 during Napoleon’s time. Before that, cigars and cigarillos were the norm, forcing folks with fewer means to roll up butts and roaches in pages out of books and newspapers – yikes! After its invention, early iterations of rolling papers back then were made primarily with rice and, you guessed it, hemp!

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp, as you probably know, has been around for ages and used in everything from rope and clothes to sails for ships and, of course, rolling papers. Truly a classic, a modern example would have to be Afghan Hemp Papers: sourced entirely from the sub-arctic mountain climate zones of Afghanistan, these smooth-burning papers are made only with the best bast from dried hemp stems, the part of of the plant with the most desirable fibers. With zero nicotine, Afghan Hemp Rolling Papers are an excellent choice for a straightforward smoking sesh.

 Non-Hemp Alternatives

If you are looking to kick it up a notch but worried about the chemicals that come with heavily processed papers or blunt wraps that may also contain nicotine, look no further than CAMO Wraps: made entirely from chamomile and maté plant fibers, these self-rolling blunt wraps are produced in Brazil with a 100% natural, organic process. Also with 0% nicotine, CAMO wraps contain no CBD and come in 11 unique and delicious flavors like Guava, Mango, Russian Cream, Honey, and more.

Printed Papers

If you’re looking to ball out with your stunna shades on, you gotta check out these fresh Benji Rolling Papers! “Minted” with premium materials onto the finest organic paper, each leaf is a crisp $100 bill for you to smoke like a boss who’s literally got cash to burn and likes to have luxury at their fingertips.

Burning For a Cause

Made with natural rolling paper, PINK rolling papers are pink not just for the fashion statement, but to signal support for those affected by breast cancer. A portion of each purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Angels Organization to help co-pay for life-saving cancer treatment and spread awareness on this important issue. If you want to really spread the good vibes around, these papers are for you!

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when setting out to choose the right papers for you and your needs, and each kind of rolling paper brings its own perk to the game. With so many options out there, we appreciate you taking the time to read this, and hopefully, this helped you on your journey.

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