In order to build the perfect rolling kit you’ve got to have all the essentials, and no rolling kit is complete without a grinder. 

Often overlooked, this handy tool is used to break down your smoking mixture from its original, natural form with a simple twisting motion of your hands down to a nice crumble that will burn evenly and smoothly, every time.

Each model has a different perk, and some even come with different compartments with different uses, so it can be tricky finding the right one at first. Lucky for you, BDDbrands carries some excellent brands, which we’ll cover in this article.

The Standard, But Sustainable!

The Space King Biodegradable Grinder comes in a straightforward “puck” shape made with biodegradable hemp plastic that not only makes it environment-friendly, but also lightweight and durable. Sporting sharp teeth to neatly grind up your smoking blend of choice, it also has a “stash” compartment at the bottom, making it great for minimalists on the go.

Make It Rain

For an even more durable option, the Benji GRIND comes in a sturdy drum format made from heavy-duty aluminum. With four pieces instead of the standard three, the Benji GRIND has a kief screen to sieve out the dust from grinding your smoking blend, collecting it over time in the bottom compartment for you to enjoy later. With a slick, laser-engraved logo and a pack of Benji rolling papers included, what’s to lose?!

The Premium Experience

For an all-in-one deluxe grinder, look no further than Shredder: four compartments, precision-oriented teeth, and a viewing port so you don’t have to keep opening the lid and spilling your blend every time to see if you are done – this thing even has a pullout compartment like a little drawer for ease of access. Add an ashtray and you’d be set. But wait! It even has that too on the lid, along with a kief screen in the bottom compartment, making this the grinder of choice for the bespoke smoker.

So there you have it! No two grinders are the same, and each one brings a unique feature for you to take into account when trying to figure out what works best for you. Regardless of how big or small, what kind of teeth it has or how expensive it is, at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is that it keeps you on your grind, the way you want. Happy rolling!

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