Using a Hemp Wick Vs. a Traditional Ligher

Using a Hemp Wick Vs. a Traditional Ligher

If you're an avid cannabis smoker, chances are you've heard about Hemp Wicks. A Hemp Wick is a twisted rope of organic hemp fiber that can be used to light up your bowl or joint. They are an excellent alternative to using a regular butane lighter to light up your bowl or joint. Not only do Hemp Wicks provide a much cleaner and tastier hit than what you'd get from a butane lighter, but it's also less harmful to your lungs! That's because Hemp Wicks eliminate the need to inhale any chemicals from the lighter.

When smoking with a regular butane lighter, not only do you risk inhaling fumes created by the burning gas but there's also more opportunity for toxins to enter your body while taking longer puffs and holding them in your lungs longer. This can lead to uncomfortable side effects such as chest tightness, coughing, and irritated eyes. Hemp Wicks help eliminate this risk by burning only completely organic Hemp fibers. 

After a long time of smoking, repeatedly inhaling butane can also have serious long-term health consequences, such as respiratory and cardiovascular damage.

In addition to being better for your lungs, Hemp Wicks provide a much more enjoyable smoking experience. The Hemp fibers burn slower and at a lower temperature than butane gas, making it easier on your throat and allowing you to take longer puffs without the harshness from the lighter.

If you want to get the most out of your cannabis, Using a Hemp Wick is definitely worth trying! Not only will it help protect your lungs from inhaling butane fumes, but it will also give you an even tastier hit that's free of any toxins or chemicals. So next time you light up, consider using a Hemp Wick.

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