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Why Benji Papers are the Finest $100 Print Papers Ever Created?


All Natural Vegetable Oil

BENJI papers uses lab-tested, food grade vegetable oil for coloring. No toxic ingredients are used.


Easy to Roll

BENJI Papers uses natural adhesive for the perfect roll.


Slow Burn & Smooth Hits

BENJI papers are the finest papers of its kind. We use the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients used in Benji papers?

We use organic vegan oils for coloring of our papers. The actual papers are made using the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast contains the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers. This is an entirely natural process to convert the plant into it’s final product, which is all of the Benji rolling paper and cone products.

Can I use Benji papers as cash?

Benji papers are strictly used as novelty rolling papers and cannot be used as an actual currency anywhere in the world.

Do you offer wholesale orders?

Please visit to place your wholesale orders.

Is Benji only a rolling paper brand?

Although our orignal item was our $100 print rolling papers, we offer a wide range of smoking accessories, which includes numerous types of rolling trays, grinders, rolling tips and more. We are constantly adding new & exciting products to our catalog. 

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